Pronto delicacy
Pronto delicacy

Spaghetti Salmon with Edamame Cream Basil Sauce
Spaghetti Salmon with Edamame Cream Basil Sauce

Suntory Black
Suntory Black

Pronto delicacy
Pronto delicacy




Pronto translates to “ready” in Italian, signifying that we are ready to serve our guests whenever we received any.


Established in 1988, Japanese Italian fusion restaurant Pronto has over 330 stores all over Japan and now S I N G A P O R E, located at the heart of the CBD area, serving the best of Japanese Italian fusion. A Café by day and bar by night, Pronto changes its menu and service style according to the time of the day. With an outdoor seating capacity of 50 and 40 for indoor. Open as early as 730am for the early birds and close late for the party goers, Monday to Saturday.


Pronto is a place where you can indulge yourself with Italian cuisine, most ingredients are imported directly from Japan. To those who enjoy premium beer, we have Suntory Premium Malt on tap


For early birds, Pronto dishes out breakfast sets of grilled sandwiches, croissants, muffins and even cakes, complete with aromatic Italian-style coffee and tea. One standout item of the breakfast menu is the Chill Brew, a morning cuppa which is brewed at a lower temperature than cold brew coffee to produce a natural sweetness, giving it a rich aroma, richness, the smoothness, the smokiness and the aftertaste.

During lunch, guests has a selection of wide varieties of fresh salad which include all time classic Caeser with Boneless Chicken, Crispy Parma Ham and Boiled Egg for a lighter one do try our Cherry Tomato Pasta Salad with Prawns, Edamame and sweet corn in Mayo Mustard dressing. For pasta lover, a MUST TRY are Scallop and Prawn Aglio Olio Peperoncino with Cherry Tomato and Broccoli or Pronto Japan all time favourite Wild Mushroom and Bacon Ham in Cream Soup Pasta. 

Come night-time, Pronto transforms into a bar, serving beverages such as Japanese Premium draft beer, Sangria and Jim Beam highball cocktails. There are also moreish plates on the evening menu to go with, such as our all-time favourite Carpet of Thinly Sliced Parma Ham, Pronto Marinated Chicken Nanban or classic Tagliata Striploin with Wild Rocket and Cherry Tomato. 

Whatever and whenever you crave for something, Pronto has something for you. 

Our friendly Pronto team would welcome every guest with their warmest welcome.




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