Established in Japan in 1950, Unaemon was co-founded in Japan by the owners of Taga, a 147-year-old Unagi specialty restaurant, and Kiyoizumi, another iconic unagi specialty establishment in Hinode-cho, Yokohama.

Established in 1872, Taga is one of the most historic restaurants in Morioka, Japan, and even had an NHK drama series “Dondo Bare” modelled after it. Its signature sweet barbecue sauce has never been depleted and has been continuously replenished since the restaurant was founded close to 150 years ago


Eel cooking are so special which requires years of experience and proper technical skills. A highly skilled Japanese chef is now based in Unaemon Singapore to ensure authenticity. 


Unaemon eels are air freight live and are kept in a customise tank on the premise to ensure its freshest and also highly committed to sourcing the best ingredients for all its dishes.

The Unagi is first grilled, then seasoned with Taga’s secret sauce which is amongst its secret ingredient with a douse of sake from Kumamoto. The eel is then steamed and then grilled again to give it a crispiness but moist and tender. First bit of the butterflied unagi are grilled, steamed and grilled again for perfection. The cooking method also encapsulates the eel with the secret sauce perfectly, infusing the entirely unagi just so subtly that it does not saturate the unagi and complements the freshness of the eel. Furthermore, there is no drenching the dish with sauce, allowing the Nanatsuboshi Hokkaido rice to assert its own sweetness. 

Splurge on a good meal, or a great dinner date location for couples or small gatherings. A place for Unagi lovers to visit!




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